Ons kan seker nie te verbaas wees dat foppery die wêreld oorgeneem het nie. Fop is die nuwe swart, ʼn mode wat in miljoene skakerings van vals voorkom.

Vroeg al word die moederbors vervang met ʼn fopspeen. Ons kry nooit genoeg van towenaars, fopdossers en oëverblindery nie. Ons drink nie-alkoholiese bier (en die Koolaid!) en sprinkel sintetiese versoeters oor ons kitskossies. Ons rangskik kunsblomme en smeer nagemaakte botter op ons brood. Enige smaak onder die son kan in die laboratorium gereproduseer word, en ons vergeet hoe proe die oorspronklike. Die rolprentkuns is geskoei op fnuikspel – wat jy sien is pure illusie. Ons weet dit en geniet dit en leef dit uit. Ons grootste helde is fiktief: James Bond, Harry Potter, Wonderwoman.

Soms is foppery voordelig: kunsmatige houtvloere beteken minder bome word afgekap. Fopvleis, soos in vegetariese burgers, laat minder toksiese gasse vry wat aardverwarning vererger.

Onlangs het ons gesien dat ʼn magtige nasie se leier met verdigsels en samesweringsteorieë miljoene gewone mense kon mislei en opsweep tot dodelike geweld. Hitler was ook so ʼn kulkunstenaar wat propaganda in sy toesprake kon bewapen. Skrikwekkend dat kerklui ook die groot leuen aangehang eerder as ontmasker het. Morele leierskap se nabotsing.

Nee, ons moenie verbaas wees dat Jan Publiek die verslawende onwaarheid verkies bo bewysbare feite nie. Dis tog soveel makliker om nie vir jouself te dink nie – daar is genoeg selfverklaarde ghoeroes en tjol-influencers wat dit vir jou kan doen.

Gee aan daai Fopspeen, asseblief.


Hoe om skande te verlig  

Ethan Hawke, die Oscar-benoemde akteur, regisseur en draaiboekskrywer se derde roman, A Bright Day of of Darkness handel oor ʼn Hollywood-akteur met ʼn drankprobleem wat werk aan ʼn verhoogproduksie van Henry IV, Part 1.  

Did you ever think how your life might have turned out if you’d committed yourself fully to books?
One of the strange things about turning 50 is that you do feel that the path has been carved. There’s a lot of road behind you. To my shock, here I stand at 50 as a really young novelist. I’m a really old actor – I know all the tricks. My life as a writer is touching base with a much younger me. When I was younger, I was really passionate about writing. What’s beautiful about writing is that it’s something you can be in charge of. When I’m acting, I can be on a film set with Pawel Pawlikowski or in a rehearsal room with Sam Shepard. Now, that’s rewarding. But the rest of it – auditions, the hyperbole of celebrity – all that’s a big fat bore and leads most people to a pretty frivolous life. My goal was never to be Tom Cruise.

It’s a book in which sex is described regularly and frankly. [The protagonist has a relationship with a much younger woman.] Did you find this difficult in the current environment?
Our sexual identity and the relationship we have through it, to ourselves and to others, is defining in our lives. And in the light of cancel culture and shaming – while a lot of this moment is very helpful – it’s a difficult time to say: “I want to be open about the idiosyncrasies of human sexuality.” What’s that great Mark Twain line? “The aim of art is to alleviate shame.” We’re in this period now when you can’t even write about bad behaviour because it might seem like you’re condoning it. You have to be able to create a character who does things they wish they didn’t do. I went back and forth on it, because it’s just a petrifying time to speak about male sexuality. If you can’t shine a light into dark corners, the demons that live there will never go away.

Ethan Hawke: ‘It’s just a petrifying time to speak about male sexuality’ by Alex Preston, theguardian.com, January 30, 2021

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For months leading up to [Eran Eyal’s] arrest, New York authorities had been watching him. They had been given full access to his emails and the social media sites he frequented by the tech companies hosting these services, after getting a grand jury to grant their request for access … After what seemed like the longest night of his life, Eyal was charged by the New York Attorney General with defrauding four investors from Springleap, the start-up he launched in South Africa and ran from New York until over two years prior to his arrest, when it was shut down. Standing before the judge, he pleaded not guilty. It was obvious what was going on here, he thought. He’d been framed, of course, by someone who was very jealous about the millions he’d netted in Shopin’s ICO. He wasn’t going to jail for no one, they’d see, he thought as he stared at the judge before him. He remained resolute. After all, he thought, when you want something so badly, nothing can stand in your way.

At Any Cost by Stephen Timm, Tafelberg, 2021

The first time a head turned up by itself on a street in Acapulco, it was a big deal. It was a twenty-two-year-old head with curly black hair shaved close on the sides and left long on top. It had a small gold loop earring in its right ear. Its eyelids swelled and its tongue potruded from its mouth. It was left on top of a public phone booth outside Pizza Hut, right next to the Diana Cazadora fountain. Rolled up and stuck in the corner of its mouth like a cigarette was a note that read: Me gusta bablar. “I like to talk.’

American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins, Tinder Press, 2019

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